Sell your home quickly and effortlessly with Record Year Realty. Avoid repairs and commissions, and close in as little as 21 days.

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About Our Founder, Jamie Cain

I found my passion for real estate in Charleston, SC, thanks to a friend's encouragement. Starting in Cincinnati with a small brokerage, I gained valuable experience in acquisitions, fix and flips, and building a real estate portfolio. I love helping people improve their situations and employing others through my rehabbing business. Moving back to Cincinnati was perfect, bringing me closer to family. With six years in the industry, I opened Record Year Realty to align my vision with the positive impact real estate can have on the community.

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Record Year Realty is successful because of the importance we place on our values, which include:


Facing foreclosure, bankruptcy, relocation, or a vacant property? We offer quick, fair cash sales to help you move forward.


There are no hidden fees or hidden agendas. Feel free to ask questions or address any concerns along the way.


Industry Expertise

Trust our seasoned professionals for unparalleled real estate knowledge.

Transparent Transactions

Ensure clarity and integrity in all your dealings with You

Personalized Service

Receive tailored guidance and support throughout your property journey.

Timely Communication

Stay informed with prompt updates and responsive channels from us.

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Effortless Solutions for Home Sellers

Are you currently in a situation that prevents you from selling your house? You may face legal or financial hardship, making it hard to find a buyer or sell your house. One of the benefits of Record Your Reality is that we can buy your house as-is right now, regardless of your circumstances. We help home sellers in Cincinnati in all types of situations

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